May 28, 2017 – Live from the 2017 Anarchist Bookfair

Thanks to everyone who was interviewed and the many CKUT volunteers who were involved in this remote broadcast : Elena, Carolin, Anya, Julie, Ted, Tamara, and James, back at the studio!

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  • Sex PistolsThe Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle – L’anarchie Pour Le U. K.
  • Roland KirkLeft and Right – Black Mystery Has Been Revealed
  • Bernice Johnson Reagon Give Your Hands To Struggle: The Evolution Of A Freedom Fighter – We’ve Come A Long Way To Be Together
  • *
  • Speaking with Jaggi Singh from the 2017 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair
  • Chavela VargasCorridos de la Revolucion – Heraclio Bernal
  • Jose de MolinaDesde Chiapas con amor – Banderita roja y negra
  • *
  • Anya speaking with Evan Greer from the Beehive Collective
  • The Dead KennedysBedtime For Democracy – Anarchy For Sale
  • BoredomsChocolate Synthesizer – Anarchy in the UKK
  • *
  • Speaking with Ramsey Kanaan from PM Press
  • Daevid Allen and KramerWho’s Afraid – Quit Yr Billshit
  • *
  • Carolin speaking with Fred from the Kid Zone
  • Norman NawrockiDisplaced/Misplaced – All Refugees Are Welcome
  • *
  • Carolin speaking with Naomi who is organizing a single-mother’s collective :Info
  • Me Mom & MorgentalerShiva Space Machine – Anarchie
  • *
  • Anya speaking with Parker Finlay from the Prisoner’s Correspondance Project
  • Speaking with Victrix Oracle from the Victrix Collective — Edible & Medicinal Plants of Montreal
  • René Binamé71-86-21-36 – Le Triomphe De L’anarchie
  • *
  • Julie speaking with Su Sokal, author Cycling to Asylum
  • Turbo (Patrick Walsh & Andrew Neddow)A Certain Man:Songs of Bernie Martin (VA) – Birth of an anarchist
  • *
  • Julie speaking with Stephanie from L’Euguélionne, librairie féministe
  • CrassStations of the Crass – Mother Earth
  • Les ClaypoolOf Whales and Woe – Back Off Turkey

Studio technician : James Ryan

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